Ujamaa Family Center

Ujamaa Family Center (UFC) is a project that was established in 2009, to educate and empower parents in Mukuru kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi Kenya to help them improve their parenting capacity. The center reaches out to these men and women through seminars and trainings that are geared towards addressing the pyschosocial and economic enabling, to create an environment in which their dependents especially their children can grow holistically.
The project is a center for education, awareness campaigns ( child nutrition, democracy, secureity, HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse) school motivation, counseling and self-help initiatives such as income generating activities. Furthermore, the Center is built around the pillar of motivating parents and guardians to facilitate the eduction of their children and help men and women to develop thier own potential, interests and skills for sustainable development of their families.
As a way of counteracting the challenge of illeteracy in Mukuru kwa Njega slum, the Center runs an adult education program to teach parents and young adults who for some reasons missed the opportunity to attend primary education. They learn reading and writing which is key in running small businesses. the UFC program has four levels namely the beginners class, the basic class, the advanced class and then lastly the advanced KCPE class. Since its establishment, the center has enabled some students to sit for KCPE exams and are now in secondary schools while those who wer of minor age have been supported to join Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School upon passing interviews.