Imani Marianists

The strategy IMANI uses to achieve the first goal is to provide good technical training and aggressive job placement within a context of small business development. The strategy IMANI uses to offer its clients new hope for the future is personal support.
The activities that flow from this strategy include counselling, self-awareness classes, Gospel Living sessions, Family Life Education, support groups for pregnant women and single mothers, business education, and a small business development loan scheme. These activities also support the first strategy because they provide an environment that strengthens the client’s personal motivation to learn and to succeed.
IMANI includes an overall administration plus three inter-related programmes, namely: Maria House Women’s Centre (MH), Chaminade Training Centre (CTC), Job Creation Programme (JCP). In order to express its concern for women, IMANI established MARIA HOUSE in 1988. Here distressed women, often pregnant and abandoned, receive both personal counselling and skills training. The Family Life Group (FLG) at Maria House assists its members in bringing their pregnancy to term. It also helps the women to be responsible mothers. Maria House aims “To empower needy women toward integrity by focus on the future through active participation, respect of life, self-dignity and appreciation through spiritual and practical formation”.