Marianists Lay Communities

The main objective of the MLC is to be part of the global community being a community of faith and live a life in permanent mission to build society. The MLC of Kenya have for a long time been engaged in activities that facilitate the promotion of a life of faith through facilitating a permanent evangelisation. A mini baseline study carried out by the members of the MLC in Nairobi in July 2003 identified the youth as a target group for their efforts of promoting social justice. The target group find themselves stranded in life such that they require emotional, psychological, social and economic empowerment towards self-reliance to enable their participation at all levels of development.

The Marianist Lay Community [MLC] is a Christian community at the service of the mission of the Church in the world. MLC’S are part of the wider Marianist family including the Daughters of Mary and the Society of Mary. Membership to the MLC’S is a free will commitment of the whole person in to the community’s mission. The early communities of the Marianist lay were inclusive of all social classes and states of life a feature that is evident in the present day Marianist community’s world wide. The community works to utilize the special talent/gift of each individual at the service of societies.

Marianist lay communities are missionaries whose main activities are to promote global justice and work among the vulnerable members of the society. The communities are organised in small groups, which form communities on local, regional, national, and international levels. The Marianist lay communities in The Region of East Africa are present in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. We are a Christian family at the service of the church in the world. As a part of the family of Mary, they aim at a conscious fulfilment of the objective and charism of the world Marianist family. The members are missionaries called from within the church to make Christ, person in the world as Mary our mother did.